Hezbollah Sunni Tension Rises

Hezbollah Sunni Tension Rises

March 1, 2012, Avi publishes and article Is war in the Middle East inevitable? In which he outlines the increasing probability of a violent collision between Hezbollah and the Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon following the downfall of the Assad regime in Syria.

 “…The majority of Syrians are Sunnis. They will never forget nor forgive Hassan Nasrallah for supporting the cold-blooded massacre of more than 8,000 (and counting) Syrians, most of whom are Sunnis. With Assad gone, Hezbollah may very well find itself confronting massively armed, enraged Sunni militants at the same time its weapons supply route is cut…Hezbollah could very well find itself fighting for its life—and the Lebanese will once again find themselves drowning in bloodshed.”

 July 2012, according to a reliable Arab source, Hezbollah is digging tunnels and building bunkers in areas along the Lebanese-Syrian border, and redeploying some of his heavy weapons including rockets along the Lebanese–Syrian border in the area of the city of Alharmal.

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