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Since February 2020,
ITME has developed a plethora of online & hybrid programs.
All of our interactive educational activities & encounters can easily be converted to completely live experiences in Israel and around the world!


We are honored to announce that we launched a new LIVE program in February 2022!

At the request of Dr. Tziporah Schorr, the Director of Education for the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School in Baltimore, we developed a program for the Senior Class.

Critical Thinking Instinct
& ITME's Intelligence Toolbox

Our objective is to equip the students with a “critical thinking instinct” inspired by an intelligence mindset, that will empower them to constructively and productively address anti-Israel and anti-Jewish narratives.

And equally if not more important - the ITME Intelligence Curriculum equips students with an ITME Intelligence Toolbox - sustainable life skills they can use to navigate an increasingly complex reality.


We were introduced to Anne Lanski, the Founding CEO of the iCenter. The iCenter’s work is across North America: in day schools, public high schools, summer camps, synagogues, youth groups, universities, and beyond. The iCenter strives to transform the professional field of Israel Education.

Anne & her team believe that Avi’s authenticity, field experience, and his unique educator brand, combined with the ITME philosophy and strategy of providing an apolitical non-partisan education on the Middle East augmented by equipping people with Critical Thinking and Media Literacy skills & tools is a revolutionary, effective, and sustainable strategy that must be supported and scaled.


One of our most engaging & popular experience since the CoVid19

Multi-session programs that connect people to Israel through knowledge and personal encounters!
The series includes a live briefing or briefings, edited or live videos from the field, and edited interviews with residents in different parts of Israel (from the northern Lebanese and Syrian borders to the West Bank, Jerusalem & Gush Etzion, to the southwestern Gaza border).

All of this is topped off when the people in the interviews join the zoom live for conversations with the participants!


A multi-session course that traces the evolution on 3 parallel timelines |
The Middle East, The Palestinian arena, The Zionist arena.

One of the standard narratives is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict shapes the Middle East.

This course is designed to challenge that narrative. It is events in the Middle East that shape the trajectory of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.






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