The Middle East is a multi-dimensional game of chess.
What happens in one place impacts what happens in another.
And what happens in the Middle East does not stay in the Middle East.


A tailor-made Interactive lecture followed by an open discussion (Q&A) with the participants.
Each Briefing is constantly updated to reflect the relevant current affairs of the specific topic.
Our Briefings generally run about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours.
They can be done anywhere in the world or online.
Over breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner, a drink - or as a keynote lecture.
Appropriate for Individuals and groups, from high schools students to global leaders.


Fluent in Arabic, Avi Melamed’s professional background includes intelligence, counterterrorism, and public policy. His field and operational experience, and his intimate connections throughout the Arab world, have taken him to the alleys and streets of the Arab world, as well as to the corridors and halls of Washington, DC.

Avi helps you connect the dots to understand the current affairs in the Arab and Muslim World and their impact on the Middle East and Israel's Geopolitical environment.
All our Briefings are available in Arabic, English, & Hebrew.

“To get to speak with & hear from a fantastic combination of thinkers, policy and regional experts, a wide range of community members – all with such varying and contradicting opinions – is what makes this program so special. “


ITME Program Alumni


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إغراق أنفاق غزة بمياه البحر.. هل هو قابل للتطبيق وما هي مخاطره؟ | ALHURRA

Avi Melamed analysis is quoted in “ إغراق أنفاق غزة بمياه البحر.. هل هو قابل للتطبيق وما هي مخاطره؟ ” an article on Al-Hurra...

منطقة حرب “غير معلنة” بالضفة الغربية | ALHURRA

Avi Melamed analysis is quoted in “ منطقة حرب "غير معلنة" بالضفة الغربية ” an article on Al-Hurra - 2023-12-05 |...

Most terrorists freed in political deals resume violence | JNS

Avi Melamed analysis quoted in the article titled "Most terrorists freed in political deals resume violence" written by Amelie Botbol | Originally published in...

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