Hamas Frustration: Iranian Axis of Resistance Ally Militias Not Joining Fight” Where Are You?” | I24 NEWS

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Hamas Frustration: Iranian Axis of Resistance Ally Militias Not Joining Fight” Where Are You?” | Israel at War Day 27 | Avi Melamed on I24 News Expert Panel – in courtesy of i24NEWS.

In this Interview:

  • Forces on the ground gain intelligence that they immediately translate into operational intelligence and incorporate into their strategy to achieve their objectives.
  • West Bank One of Hamas goals was for other arenas to join in – including the West Bank. The fact that hasn’t happened frustrates Hamas and they are direct everything they can to incite and initiate attacks from the West Bank. Up until now, Hamas has not been successful.
  • In anticipation of Nasrallah’s Friday, November 3rd speeech… It is important to see what he will do. That’s the only important thing. Hezbollah very disturbed that Israel has thwarted some of its attacks and may be reconsidering its tactics. We will see what happens following Nasrallah’s speech.
  • Some of Iran’s proxies in the Axis of Resistance are criticizing Hamas. You launched a unilateral attack on Israel without coordinating or consulting with us and now you expect us to join the fight. Hamas leaders growing increasingly angry and frustrated with the fact that other Iranian proxies – members of the Axis of Resistance are not joining in…

Hamas Frustration: Iranian Axis of Resistance Ally Militias Not Joining Fight” Where Are You?” | Israel at War Day 27 | Avi Melamed on I24 News Expert Panel – in courtesy of i24NEWS.

i24NEWS is an Israeli-based international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel located in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, Israel.[1] It broadcasts in French, English, and Arabic. English channel offers a weekly magazine in Spanish. The channel’s owner is Patrick Drahi, and the CEO is Frank Melloul.

In February 2017, i24NEWS expanded into the North American market and opened bureaus in the United States.[2] The channel has studios in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Paris, New York, Washington and Los Angeles, and deploys correspondents in other locations across the world.[3] In September 2021, following the Abraham Accords, the channel received a broadcasting license from the United Arab Emirates and opened its Gulf bureau in Dubai Media City.[4][5][6] In May 2022, th0e channel launched its operations in Morocco with two new bureaus in Rabat and Casablanca.[7]

i24NEWS’ coverage is to a large extent due to the special make-up of the channel: more than 150 journalists (diplomacy and defense correspondents, anchors, editors, producers and journalists) who hail from 35 different countries and who work together.

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