"We believe the essence of education is not telling people what to think.
The essence of real education is teaching people how to think."

Avi Melamed

~ ITME's Founder & Chief Education Officer ~


Provides a distinct, apolitical, non-partisan education about the contemporary Middle East to colleges & universities.

Uses intelligence methodology to equip participants with the analytic tools to allow them to build their own objective view of the Middle East, one that looks beyond Western media sources, narratives, and explanations.

Encourages participants to adopt a new critical lens for broader media and political analysis.

Educates today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders to be knowledgeable, media-literate critical thinkers.

ITME’s programs are modular and can be structured as an individual briefing, multi-day seminar, half-year program, or full academic-year and can include international travel to the Middle East.

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Kansas School of Law


| 2012 – 2018 |

From 2013 – 2018, Avi Melamed served as the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute.

During his tenure, Avi created and designed Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives [ITME] to ensure that the next generation will be knowledgeable about Israel and the Middle East and apply critical thinking methods regarding Middle East Affairs. Under his leadership, ITME at Gettysburg College directly impacted the outlook, educational path, and career trajectory of more than 150 current and future leaders.

ITME at Gettysburg College provided a selected group of students with a distinct opportunity to develop the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to understand the contemporary Middle East.

Furthermore, it created critical thinkers who know how to evaluate the validity of information through employing an “intelligence mindset” so they will not accept “narratives” as fact and they will “question what they know.”

Video of the 4th Cohort of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives ITME at Gettysburg College
Video of the 5th Cohort of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives ITME at Gettysburg College

The program covered diverse issues and methodically built an ITME Intelligence Tool Box providing Knowledge, Skills & Tools to Successfully Navigate the Dynamic Middle East and the Ever-Changing Complex Global Reality.

These objectives are achieved through:
Frontal Lectures
Guided Discussions
One-on-One Mentoring
Individual & Group Work
Directed Readings
Applying Analytical & Intelligence tools

Classes Include:
Building the Database,
The ABC’s of the Middle East
The Language of Intelligence: News Platform Evaluation
The Language of Intelligence: Intelligence Bulletins
Primary players in the Middle East today
Sunni-Shi’ite Power Struggle
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The West and Islam- Cultural Dimensions of the Relationship
Contemporary Radical Islam Ideology – Roots and Milestones
The Arab Spring: Transitions in The Arab World
The War in Syria
Spotlight: Dancing Salsa with Niqab: The Struggle over identity, path and direction
GPS-Navigating the Middle East in the 21st century
Major issues that influence current events in the region; The challenge of Militant Islam;
Current trends and future direction – the role of social media…

Over a decade later, ITME, now an independent 501c3, ITME has the same mission. To provide a distinct apolitical nonpartisan education on the contemporary Middle East, while teaching critical analysis in an innovative and engaging fashion.


The full-year academic program included an 8 to 10-day Educational Field Seminar to Israel & the Palestinian Authority areas, accompanied by experts in the region & in the world of intelligence.

Students viewed the Middle East from a myriad of perspectives and had unfiltered encounters with Israelis & Palestinians from across the ideological, political and religious spectrum.

The ITME field seminar allowed the students to implement the intelligence skills they learned “in the field.”

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| The ITME Praxis is the Cornerstone of all of ITME's Apolitical Non-Partisan Educational Activities
Our Proprietary Intelligence Curriculum Equips People of all Ages with Universally Applicable Skills and Tools, Empowering them to be Media Literate Critical Thinkers about Israel, the Middle East, & the World. |

ITME is a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
Multi-day seminars, semester-long, and year-long programs, subsidized by ITME donors and supporters, make participation affordable.




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