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Meet Avi Melamed

Geopolitical Middle East Expert, Intelligence Analyst, & Founder of Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives

Former Israeli Intelligence Official and Senior Arab Affairs Advisor. Founder of Inside The Middle East (ITME), an apolitical non-partisan educational non-profit institute. Author of three books on the region. His recent book is “Inside The Middle East | Entering a New Era” published in 2022.

Avi is also the author, producer, and host of the newly released documentary series on Jerusalem, “The Seam Line. ” This five-part docuseries explores the many layers of the conflict in and over Jerusalem.

Avi is Fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. He is a frequent commentator on international media platforms such as Al-Arabiya, Al-Hura, BBC, CNN, I24 News, FOX, France24, Sky News and many more. He is a recognized expert featured in Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the Hill, Newsweek, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. And is a permanent contributor to USA Today.