Israel Opening Its Doors to Syrian Refugees?

Israel Opening Its Doors to Syrian Refugees?


Immediate Intelligence Bulletin

Information Date: May 11, 2013

Event Date: May 10, 2013              

Information Item: Israel Allowing Syrian Civilians to Enter Israel      

Information Platform: Arab source

Source: Random

Source Reliability: Unknown

Information Validity: Unknown

Relevant Information:

According to Syrian sources affiliated with the rebels in Syria, Israel allowed the entrance of Syrian civilians from the town of Al-Rafeed, located in the central part of the Syrian Golan Heights.

The small town of Al-Rafeed is located in the A Zone of the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire line in the Golan Height about a half a mile from the Israeli side.

Since the outbreak of war in Syria there were no reports of Syrian civilians trying to enter Israel. However, on different occasions Israeli hospitals have provided medical treatment for Syrians injured during clashes between Syrian rebels and Assad’s military in the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is one of the major battles arenas in the ongoing war in Syria. The Syrian part of the Golan Heights is mostly populated by agricultural communities and some mid-size towns such as Khan Arnabeh, Jubata AL-Khashab, Jabah and others located a stone’s throw from the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. 

As of now, the Israeli government has not formally declared its policy regarding the issue of absorbing Syrian civilians who flee Syria. It should be noted in that context that according to UN formal data, the number of Syrian refugees inside Syria is about 2 Million and the number of Syrian refugees outside Syria (mostly in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) is about 1.4 Million people. It is very likely to assume that the real numbers are much higher.

The Assessment:

As of this date the information is not confirmed. It is possible that Israel, as in the past has allowed injured Syrian civilians into Israel to receive medical treatment.

However, even if not accurate, the information may generate an influx of Syrians asking for refuge inside Israel. Such a development is clearly significant.

End Intelligence Bulletin


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