Syrian Refugees Intelligence Bulletin

Syrian Refugees Intelligence Bulletin


Intelligence Bulletin

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Information Item: The Sexual Exploitation of Refugee Syrian Girls

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One of the outcomes of the war in Syria is a huge influx of Syrian refugees both inside and outside Syria.

According to UN official figures, the number of Syrian refugees in the region (mostly in JordanLebanon and Turkey) is about 1.5 Million and the number of Syrian refugees inside Syria is around 2 Million.

The real numbers are probably much higher.Syrian refugees are in a desperate situation. men from different parts of the Arab world are taking advantage of that. they offer families between $50 and $500 to marry their daughters. Though the marriage is conducted according to Islamic laws and customs, it is quite clear that in many cases the girls are in fact traded for sexual purposes. Many of these girls are divorced shortly after their “marriage” and many disappear while others are forced to work as prostitutes and in the pornography industry in the Arab world and in Europe.

This video (with English subtitles) presents testimonies of Syrian girls and their families talking about this phenomenon.


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