Our Regional Guest | Hussain Abdul-Hussain | حسين عبد الحسين

Former managing editor, at Beirut’s The Daily Star. Reporting from war zones in Lebanon and Iraq. Former headed the Washington Bureau of Kuwaiti daily Alrai. Research fellow at Federation for the Defense of Democracy.

Born and raised in Beirut, Baghdad, and Baalbek, cities that have been the theater of major Middle Eastern events, Hussain earned a degree in History and Archeology from the American University of Beirut, after which he worked as a reporter, and later managing editor, at Beirut’s The Daily Star.

He reported from war zones on the Lebanese border with Israel, and from Iraq. In Washington, Hussain helped set up and manage the Arabic satellite network Alhurra Iraq, after which he headed the Washington Bureau of Kuwaiti daily Alrai.

Hussain has worked as a Visiting Fellow with London’s Chatham House, and has published in English in The New York Times and The Washington Post and in Arabic in various publications. His analysis has been quoted by Vox, The Jerusalem Post and Newsweek. Hussain has appeared on CNN and MSNBCand is a frequent commentator on major Arabic satellite networks.

He is currently a research fellow at FDD. He focuses on the Gulf region and Yemen, including on Gulf relations with Iran and Gulf peace with Israel. Please Note: Hussain will be joining us in a personal capacity, not on behalf of FDD.

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