Shin-Bet Chief Warns Israel

Shin-Bet Chief Warns Israel, Internal Division is Making Country Vulnerable to More Terror Attacks

Below the coverage of Avi Melamed’s comments about Iranian proxies escalating which published on Christian Broadcast Network… Read the full article here: Shin-Bet Chief Warns Israel, Internal Division is Making Country Vulnerable to More Terror Attacks.

… In an operation called, “Break the Wave,” the IDF stepped up its counterterrorism raids in Palestinian areas several months ago. That led to a warning, according to Israel’s public broadcaster Kan, from Egypt that Israel back off, saying it worries about escalation and the possibility of the situation spinning out of control.

Bar said at the conference that Iran is the “underlying problem,” a sentiment echoed by former Israeli intelligence officer Avi Melamed.

“The Iranian regime says openly that the intention is to set fire in the West Bank and to fuel the flames in the West Bank,” Melamed told CBN News.

According to Melamed, another contributing factor behind the violence is that the Palestinian Authority is at a “crossroads.”

“The term of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas seemingly is towards the end. There is already an ongoing process where potential rivalries are (taking a) conflict position. There (are) a lot of weapons in the West Bank,” he warned.

Should Abbas leave the picture, Melamed describes one scenario being a power vacuum leading to an internal armed struggle between Palestinian factions.

And even now, there’s a weakening of the Palestinian Authority’s sovereignty in parts of the West Bank, in places like Jenin, Hebron and Nablus.

“This is a very alarming process. And this is by the way, one of the major reasons Israel is constantly and recently increasingly (intercepting) that phenomenon, and particularly in those hubs or pockets,” said Melamed.

 According to Bar, the PA security forces need to be strengthened to restore calm and the Palestinian public wants that, too. But it’s up to the PA to do it…

Shin-Bet Chief Warns Israel, Internal Division is Making Country Vulnerable to More Terror Attacks

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