Avi Melamed Warns Against Actions That Can Further Destabilize West Bank | JEWISH CHRONICLE

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Quoted in The Jewish Chronicle, Avi Melamed warned against actions that could further destabilize the West Bank, full article in The Jewish Chronicle
by Georgia L Gilholy (Twitter @llggeorgia.) November 25, 2022

Avi Melamed in the Jewish Chronicle: “Terror expert says Jerusalem bombers wanted ‘rash’ reaction from Israeli officials.”

(…) Avi Melamed, who served as an advisor to Jerusalem’s mayor during the First and Second Intifadas, said that the blasts, which killed one person and left at least 13 more injured, warned the government against a counter-reaction.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Press Club (JPC), he suggested the attack was “somewhat different from previous ones, that we kind of got used to seeing in the last couple of years, namely mostly stabbing attacks or random shooting carried out by individuals”. This week’s attacks were ”more likely planned and coordinated attacks”, he said. 

Avi Melamed, a senior Arab affairs analyst, expert in the field of terror, analyses today’s terror bombings in Jerusalem.

Mr Melamed added: “The locations were chosen obviously following some sort of intelligence gathering.

“It’s not done by somebody that just woke up this morning and decided to detonate [at] bus stops.”

In a reference to the spate of unrest between 2000 and 2005 which led to the casualties of 3,000 Palestinians and 1,000 Israelis, he said: “It’s yet not the Second Intifada.”

 Mr Melamed was also keen to highlight the Palestinian Authority’s constraint in handling one of the West Bank’s worst periods of unrest since 2015.

He warned it would be “very unwise of Israel to further destabilise the Palestinian Authority which already is struggling (by offering) big counter-reaction” to the attack, which marked the first bombings carried out on Israeli civilians since the 2016 Jerusalem bus bombing.(…)

Avi Melamed’s insights, originally quoted in The Jewish Chronicle, article by Georgia L Gilholy (Twitter @llggeorgia.) Nov. 25, 2022

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