Israel’s Netanyahu Threatens To Turn Gaza Into “Deserted Island” | GLOBAL NATIONAL CANADA

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Israel’s Netanyahu Threatens To Turn Gaza Into “Deserted Island” | Avi Melamed analysis for GLOBAL NATIONAL (starts at 14:35)

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Israel’s Netanyahu Threatens To Turn Gaza Into “Deserted Island” | Avi Melamed analysis for GLOBAL NATIONAL (starts at 14:35)

Gaza is being pounded by airstrikes, setting the stage for a full-scale ground incursion by Israeli forces. The number of dead is constantly rising, with more than 700 people already killed on the Israeli side and as many as 400 killed in Palestinian territory. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to turn Gaza into a “deserted island” in retaliation. Jeff Semple is in Jerusalem with the latest on the ground.

Ottawa has joined the chorus of condemnation against the terrorist attacks in Israel, warning Canadians in the region to take every precaution. But there are questions about what the Canadian government is doing to keep Canadians safe, and to get those who are trapped inside Israel out. According to Global Affairs Canada, there are more than 1,400 Canadians registered with the state of Israel and almost 500 Canadians registered in Palestinian territories. Touria Izri reports.

For Israel, the danger isn’t limited to Palestinian territories after the surprise attack by Hamas militants on Gaza. Israel has a long history of conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran’s government is praising the deadly effectiveness of the Hamas attacks. The Gaza attacks are a major setback for peace efforts in the region — just last month at a meeting in New York, the Israeli Prime Minister and U.S. resident seemed optimistic about forging new ties in the region. Crystal Goomansingh is in Beirut with more on the wider risks.

After Hamas launched an unprecedented attack against Israel on Saturday, worldwide condemnation of the attacks has also been growing since the events unfolded. From the U.S. to the Vatican, many world leaders are expressing their support for Israel, even as concerns rise over how this conflict could escalate even further. In Washington, D.C., flags flew at half-staff on Capitol Hill, as the U.S. government moved navy ships and aircraft closer to the country, as new details emerged of Americans caught in the conflict. Joel Senick reports.

It’s estimated that Hamas militants took up to a hundred hostages during their infiltration into Israel, and the country says it will do whatever it takes to free them — but also take revenge. Israeli Defence Forces have hinted at widening their response to strike against Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon that could lead to a large escalation in the Middle East. As Redmond Shannon reports, whatever option Israel chooses, it will have difficult consequences.

And finally, as the situation continues to develop, Farah Nasser speaks with Steven Simon, a former White House Middle East advisor for both the Obama and Clinton administrations and is now with the research-based Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. With Israel’s United Nations ambassador Gilad Erdan calling this “Israel’s 9/11” before an emergency UN Security Council meeting earlier and reports of hostages being taken by Hamas, what might happen next?

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