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In the third decade of the twenty-first century, the Middle East is entering a new era.

The era is both defined by, and a result of, a combination of ancient and modern, domestic, regional, and international processes.

Iran and Turkey each strive to position themselves as the regional superpower. In parallel, the people of the region struggle to overcome increasing domestic challenges.

These developments, combined with an escalating struggle over path, identity, and direction, could result in a new model of statehood in the Arab world.

While some countries take the turbulent path toward a possible new state, others are fighting for their sovereignty and survival.

All of this is occurring while Western hegemony in the Middle East is coming to an end and the Eastern giants are on the rise.

As the region enters the new era, individual players and regional alliances are engaged in an epic power struggle. Some Arab countries are walking the turbulent path towards a possible new model of statehood. Others are fighting for their sovereignty and survival. All of this, while Western hegemony in the Middle East is coming to an end. And the Eastern giants are on the rise.

In his newest book, acclaimed Middle East Analyst, Avi Melamed, takes you on an eye-opening journey through the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East today, challenges common Western concepts, narratives, and theories, and provides predictions about some of the most central regional issues of the day. This distinct understanding allows you to build a multidimensional picture of the geopolitical reality of the Middle East today and provides an unparalleled foundation for navigating the events of tomorrow. The new era we are entering is fraught with challenges and full of opportunities. Is it a new dawn? Or is it a setting sun?

Using primarily sources from the region, Avi provides a professional, rare insider’s view. He clearly and insightfully contextualizes regional events, skillfully helping the reader build a multidimensional picture of the Middle East today. He also challenges common Western concepts, narratives, and theories. And provides predictions about some of the most central issues of the day.

Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, Avi has held high-risk governmental positions. His years of field and operational experience, profound knowledge, and exceptional record of foreseeing the evolution and impact of events in the Middle East, have made him a sought-after speaker at global forums and policy-making centers, and an acclaimed commentator at media outlets.

honored to be invited to brief the President of Israel,
Isaac Herzog

Presentation of the book to Michael Herzog
the Israeli Ambassador to the United States

Avi Melamed offers a unique and unparalleled grasp of the trends and changes impacting us all. Inside The Middle East Entering A New Era provides a comprehensive analysis of events, enabling a foundation for dialogue between people of all faiths and backgrounds.


U.A.E. Former member of the Federal National Council

Avi Melamed uses his intelligence expertise… to bring this new world into focus explaining what the “Abraham Accords” means when many Islamic countries are getting closer to peace and recognition with Israel.


Sudanese American Journalist

This book is a guide for those who want to truly understand…When you start reading it, it is very difficult to stop, every sentence in it is a spectacular piece of information that sheds light on things that were previously difficult for us to understand.


Head of Middle East News Division, Makan Arabic Channel, Israeli Broadcast Corporation

This book should be thoroughly studied by diplomats, national security advisors, think tanks, and everyone interested in keeping pace with the evolving dynamics of the most complicated region on Planet Earth.


Director of the Liberal Democracy Institute, Egypt
William Richard Hinson
Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era: An invaluable guide to the power struggles in the Middle East I have long sought a book to explain what I thought was the source of most conflict in the Middle East: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I obtained Inside the Middle East Entering A New Era and thought I would find the explanation I was looking for. This book gave me so much more than I expected! Mr. Melamed is not only a skilled writer, but an excellent educator! There are so many layers to the power struggles and conflicts in the Middle East that a casual observer can’t fathom. Mr. Melamed presents an overall picture of a complicated area and then peels back the layers that hide the true motivations of the players in this region. He uses concise historical thumbnails of Middle Eastern countries that give the reader an understanding of how and why they are where they are today without losing the reader in a sea of confusing detail. The index in the back of the book with an alphabetical listing of key individuals, organizations and concepts is incredibly helpful as a reference point as one is reading the book. I give Mr. Melamed great credit for his intimate understanding of the Middle East and his ability to convey his knowledge in an understandable form to his readers.
Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era: Detailed analysis with a western bias This book details the Geo-political environment and challenges of the Middle East today. The analysis is from a sympathetic western perspective that sees countries allied to the USA as “moderate” despite their dismal human rights records and wars. For example, the houthis in Yemen are portrayed primarily as agents of Iran without explaining who they are and what they really want. Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia are listed while Saudi Arabian attacks on the Houthis including SA’s launch of the war are glossed over. No background is provided to explain why the houthis took over the capital, (such as the central gov’s war on them), or that the houthis were working with the USA to fight al quada until Obama betrayed them to regain favor with SA. This book is a great intro to the Middle East but be aware of the bias. (A common critique for all books on the region).
Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era: A must-read insight to the Middle East. Avi’s book is a must read for everyone! He brings the Middle East, it’s history, countries, people and conflicts into very understandable focus. The region grapples with diverse players with varied agendas, and this book provides a roadmap to understanding and a look into possible futures for this important region.
Coleman B. Levy
Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era: Excellent explanation of the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. Excellent explanation of the power struggle od Iran and Turkey and their respective methods to try and achieve their goals. A must read.
yaron ben
Inside the Middle East: Entering a New Era: If you're going to read ONE book about the Middle East, you MUST READ Inside The Middle Eas If you're going to read ONE book about the Middle East, you MUST READ Inside The Middle East | Entering A New Era! The author does an incredible job of synthesizing events into one cohesive picture.The title does not disappoint. This book truly does take you inside the Middle East. The array of Arab voices the author cites and highlights bring information to the reader that is not covered in the Western media. Plus, the incredible number of maps really helped me follow the story in a very understandable way.This book offers a distinct and unique perspective on a broad array of Middle East issues - from Iran to Turkey; from Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria to Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia; from the Abraham Accords to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; from the realignments of interests to the changing balance of power in the region. Each chapter in itself and the entire book as a whole is gripping and eye-opening.It is clearly written by someone who has a rare understanding of the region. Avi Melamed is a voice that must be heard in the West! He has written the most comprehensive, understandable, and reader-friendly book on the Middle East that I have ever encountered. A MUST read for anyone who wants to really understand the region!The Middle East is genuinely in a transitional phase. After reading this book, I now feel that I can finally understand the news!


Making Sense Of The Most Dangerous And Complicated Region On Earth

Acclaimed Israeli intelligence analyst Avi Melamed has spent more than thirty years interpreting Middle East affairs. His long-awaited Inside the Middle East challenges widely-accepted perceptions and provides a gripping and uniquely enlightening guide to make sense of the events unfolding in the region—to answer how the Arab world got to this point, what is currently happening, what the ramifications will be, how they will affect Israel, and what actions must immediately be undertaken, including how Western leaders need to respond.
Melamed considers all the major power players in the Middle East, explains the underlying issues, and creates a three-dimensional picture, an illustration that connects the dots and provides a fascinating roadmap. He elucidates developments such as the Arab Spring, the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood, the rise of ISIS, the epic Sunni-Shiite animosity, the essence of the war in Syria, the role of the Caliphate and Jihad, and the looming nuclear arms race. He also provides a rare opportunity to journey into the psyche of Arab society. Look through the lens of its leaders and its most ruthless terrorists. See what makes them tick and what they want. Discover how they can be overtaken.
This unparalleled volume is a milestone in our understanding of the Middle East. It is the untold story of the struggles that will shape the region, and the world, for decades to come, and a groundbreaking guide that will shake you to the core, force you to reevalute your outlook, and give you tips to navigate the future.

"With his superb book, Inside the Middle East, Avi Melamed accomplishes a rare and important feat: he breaks down the most volatile and complicated region on earth in a way that both policymakers and the average person can comprehend. Avi draws on his decades of experience in the dangerous trenches of the intelligence world to explain and unpack the factors that have led to the rise of ISIS, the Arab Spring, the Israel-Palestinian conflict and other crises that have long confounded the West. Even better, he offers invaluable insights and solutions on how to tackle these complex problems. With Inside the Middle East, Melamed cements his reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on the Middle East. Required reading for Western leaders and citizens alike."

Erick Stakelbeck

Host of TBN's "The Watchman"

"As the Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute, Avi has created a new learning model and groundbreaking program -- Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives. Through applying classic intelligence techniques, he is empowering young people with the tools to build an accurate view of the Middle East and to be media literate critical thinkers honoring the 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s legacy of leadership excellence. Avi Melamed adds a desperately needed voice to the conversation about the Middle East and he consistently brings our attention to 'the story behind the story.' He is a keen analyst with a rare understanding of the Middle East -- including what the future holds for the region. As a gifted and passionate educator, he offers us the insight and understanding so we can navigate the increasingly complex Middle East reality."

Major General William "Bill" Matz, US Army (Ret.)

Member of the Eisenhower Institute National Advisory Council

"Avi Melamed’s inside knowledge of the Middle East makes him a vital resource for anyone striving to find accurate context for today’s news from one of the world’s most intractable battle zones. If you really want to understand the Middle East and know where the region is heading, there is no better source. His expertise in the geo-political realities that face the Middle East is clear and concise. With unflinching accuracy and gripping facts, he illuminates the hard reality of war. His layered and nuanced analysis offers insight so far beyond the superficial that it shines a light on the profoundly layered nuance of this rich and complex region."

Linda Solomon Wood

CEO of Observer Media Group and editor in chief at the National Observer

Separate and Unequal (1999)

The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem

This vivid behind-the-scenes account of Israeli rule in Jerusalem details for the first time the Jewish state's attempt to lay claim to all of Jerusalem, even when that meant implementing harsh policies toward the city's Arab population.

The authors, Jerusalemites from the spheres of politics, journalism, and the military, have themselves been players in the drama that has unfolded in east Jerusalem in recent years and appears now to be at a climax. They have also had access to a wide range of official documents that reveal the making and implementation of Israeli policy toward Jerusalem. Their book discloses the details of Israel's discriminatory policies toward Jerusalem Arabs and shows how Israeli leaders mishandled everything from security and housing to schools and sanitation services, to the detriment of not only the Palestinian residents but also Israel's own agenda. Separate and Unequal is a history of lost opportunities to unite the peoples of Jerusalem.

A central focus of the book is Teddy Kollek, the city's outspoken mayor for nearly three decades, whose failures have gone largely unreported until now. But Kollek is only one character in a cast that includes prime ministers, generals, terrorists, European and American leaders, Arab shopkeepers, Israeli policemen, and Palestinian schoolchildren. The story the authors tell is as dramatic and poignant as the mosaic of religious and ethnic groups that call Jerusalem home. And coming at a time of renewed crisis, it offers a startling perspective on past mistakes that can point the way toward more equitable treatment of all Jerusalemites.

About the Authors:
Amir S. Cheshin, a retired Israeli army colonel, was Senior Adviser on Arab Community Affairs and Assistant to former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek.

Bill Hutman was a journalist with the Jerusalem Post.

Avi Melamed was Deputy Adviser on Arab Affairs to Mayor Kollek and Adviser on Arab Affairs to Kollek's successor, Ehud Olmert.

Given their high-level access to key municipal and Israeli decision-makers, the authors succeed in exposing the horrific lengths to which the Israeli government went to prevent the re-division of Jerusalem and preserve its status as the united and external capital of Israel...Separate and Unequal does provide a healthy dose of realism from which to assess the latest round of Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, the so-called final-status talks and the 'Jerusalem question' in particular.

Peter McKenna

Washington Post Book World

With access to all the papers of the former mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek, the authors--Amir Cheshin and Avi Melamed, to former aides to Kollek, together with Bill Hutman, a journalist for the English-language Jerusalem Post--tell a heart-breaking story of squandered opportunities.

Anne Applebaum

Daily Telegraph

Their insights are primarily those of individuals who possess unique "insider" information about the Teddy Kollek administration (1966-93), and the book provides often intriguing material drawn from their experiences and sources. Well-written and engaging, Separate and Unequal is generally quite critical in its depiction of the Jewish state's rule over the territory it conquered in 1967.

Thomas Abowd

Journal of Palestine Studies



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Spiraling towards total collapse, Lebanon is, first and foremost, a victim of itself.

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