Avi Melamed interview on JBS | In the News: Security Escalation in Israel | November, 2022

30 min interview of Avi Melamed by Shahar Azani for JBS ’s “In The News program”

The latest interview of Avi Melamed by Shahar Azani for JBS ’s “In The News program” will air this week on the following days and times:

MONDAY – 6:30PM & 11:30PM (3:30PM & 8:30PM PT)

TUESDAY – 3:30AM, 8:30AM & 12:30PM ( 12:30AM, 5:30AM & 9:30AM PT)

SATURDAY – 11:30PM (8:30PM PT)

The program can be viewed live in Israel on the JBS website

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Avi Melamed
Avi Melamedhttps://insidethemiddle-east.com
Avi Melamed is an expert on current affairs in the Arab & Muslim World and their impact on Israel & the Middle East. A former Israeli Intelligence Official & Senior Official on Arab Affairs, Fluent in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, he has held high-risk Government, Senior Advisory, Intelligence & Counter-Terrorist intelligence positions in Arab cities & communities - often in very sensitive times - on behalf of Israeli Government agencies. He is the Founder & CEO of Inside the Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives - an apolitical non-partisan curriculum using intelligence methodology to examine the Middle East. As an Author, Educator, Expert, and Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Avi provides Intelligence Analysis, Briefings, and Geopolitical Tours to diplomats, Israeli and foreign policymakers, global media outlets, and a wide variety of international businesses, organizations, and private clients on a range of Israel and Middle East Affairs.

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