Hamas Is Publicly Calling And Planning For The Genocide Of Israel Since Its Inception | CBC CANADA

Hamas Is Publicly Calling And Planning For The Genocide Of Israel Since Its Inception | Interview of Avi Melamed for CBC CANADA | October 14 2023 | This is a pivotal moment…

… September 30, 2021 | Hamas’s ‘The End of Days’ Conference concluding Action Statement:
Article 16 Reads  | …“Only keep (alive) Israeli scientists and experts in fields of medicine, military industry, technology and civil engineering who can be useful” …

Hamas Is Publicly Calling And Planning For The Genocide Of Israel Since Its Inception | Interview of Avi Melamed for CBC CANADA | October 14 2023 | This is a pivotal moment…

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French: Société Radio-Canada), branded as CBC/Radio-Canada, is the Canadian public broadcaster for both radio and television.[3] It is a Crown corporation that serves as the national public broadcaster, with its English-language and French-language service units commonly known as CBC and Radio-Canada, respectively.

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