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Empowering Minds. Bridging Differences. Building Community.

” As the conflict intensifies, misconceptions and biases surge. In these critical times, equipping individuals with unbiased education, knowledge, and understanding isn’t just important—it’s imperative! “

Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives [ITME], founded by Avi Melamed – reaches millions around the world – counteracting the tide of oversimplified narratives and misinformation with articles, videos, media interviews, and briefings for organizations across the globe!

Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives [ITME] is dedicated to apolitical, non-partisan education about the Middle East.

ITME provides customized educational experiences, knowledge, tools, and resources to organizations, private individuals, students, practitioners, and leaders.

We believe that by providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to engage in constructive, productive, and tolerant dialogue, as well as fostering enriching encounters among people from diverse ideological backgrounds, we can help them gain a comprehensive understanding of Israel, the Middle East, and effectively navigate the complexities of our global landscape.


At ITME, we believe there's no substitute for informed education - and we're here to work with you every step of the way!

Wether you want to provide one briefing to your organization, offer a course to your constituents, design an experintial education program, build a strtaegic partnership,

Since October 7th, we have had one singular focus. Helping people understand the war between Israel and Hamas through offering a nuanced, in-depth perspective rare in traditional educational settings.

We have partnered to give scores of briefings to dozens of organizations, reaching thousands of people across the world in over thirty countries on seven continents. Our sessions are so popular and imactful because they're more than lectures - they are contetuzlized dialogues that spark curiosity and foster understanding. As our participants' horizons expand, so does their appetite for deeper knowledge. We're here to satisfy that demand.

As the Middle East evolves, so does our content. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned learner, ITME adapts to your evolving educational needs. We're committed to being your constant in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape, providing the real, in-depth education that the complexities of our world demand.

Become part of a global community dedicated to understanding the nuances of international affairs. Join us on the journey to real education!

New book by Avi Melamed, acclaimed intelligence & geopolitical analyst - Inside the middle east | Entering a new era | published in 2022

Avi Melamed's exclusive resources further enhance this platform, aiding users in discerning not only the immediate news but its broader global implications.

In essence, ITME doesn't just present facts; it equips users with the tools to connect the dots and comprehend the multifaceted nature of the Middle East. Dedicated to unraveling the Middle East's intricacies, ITME proudly presents a range of transformative products to enhance people’s understanding of this complex region.

Dramatic and historical changes are transforming the region as we speak. And these changes will write the next chapter of this area of the world. Our newest book, "Inside the Middle East | Entering A New Era" is your quintessential guide to the Middle East. Join Avi as he challenges common Western concepts, narratives, and theories, providing a rare insider's view.

Our five-part docuseries, "THE SEAM LINE," delves into Jerusalem's multi-layered conflict, offering a balanced viewpoint that promotes dialogue. The Seam Line is a unique opportunity to explore the conflict in and over Jerusalem through the eyes of Avi Melamed, a fourth-generation Arabic-speaking Jerusalemite Jew, and Middle East expert who was the Advisor on Arab Affairs during the most violent and chaotic chapters in the history of Jerusalem – the Intifada. Meet his Arab and Jewish friends, gain unique insights, and uncover perspectives rarely explored by Western media. Understand the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the complex reality of the Middle East. Join The Seam Line for a transformative journey toward understanding, cooperation, and constructive dialogue. At the heart of ITME's commitment to Middle Eastern geopolitical education is the ITME HUB, an dynamic and ever evolving platform with an array of intelligence-based tools.

Available in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, this non-partisan and apolitical hub delivers deep geopolitical analysis, allowing users to truly grasp the region's intricate dynamics.

Beyond traditional analysis, the HUB provides diverse mediums—articles, interviews, podcasts, portals, primers, and videos—that encapsulate the region's interconnected narratives.

By placing a spotlight on perspectives often overshadowed by Western media, ITME offers an unparalleled depth of insight.

Avi Melamed at Kibbutz Dafna on Israel's Northern Border, October 30, 2023 _ War Briefing | JPC - MEDIA CENTRAL

“It is easy to stay under the radar as a Jewish student at Michigan. I choose to be a leader and take the hits for the other students. But we need help. We need to understand. We need education. We need tools. All of these Israel Advocacy organizations and speakers come to campus, but what is out there is not helping us. What Avi brings is different – and exactly what we need!” ~ Undergraduate, University of Michigan, Hillel Israel Summit Attendee

“Avi Melamed was not your typical Israel speaker. Oftentimes, speakers go over the same back and forth between Israel and Hamas, hitting all the regular talking points from the War of Independence to the Intifadas and all those conflicts in between. After a few of these programs, students become disengaged. This is where Avi fits in perfectly. The program was not Israel 101. It was a comprehensive look at the region and an explanation of what is behind all of these conflicts. It opens up our eyes to the grand scale of the conflict and its current-day implications. This is exactly what students need to continue engaging with Israel in a meaningful way. Even after the talk, Avi was able to use his wealth of knowledge to answer questions with conviction in a way that was digestible.” ~ Jonah Snyder IACT Israel Coordinator University of Miami

“I wanted to share my very positive experience with Avi Melamed. I saw him speak for the first time at the Hillel International Conference in Atlanta; I was shocked by how much I learned from one short talk. Because of this, I organized for him to come speak at the NYU Hillel (the Bronfman Center). All the students said they were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the talk. Given the frequency of speakers coming to campuses to discuss Israel, many students feel there is rarely new information provided nor an objective position taken, but Avi's talk provided both of these things. Avi does an incredible job of showing depth and nuance of the conflict/region in a clear and concise way, something that is very difficult to do. Every student went away from the talk feeling they had a more complete understanding of the conflict, and the necessary information to engage with it more holistically going forward. They also loved listening to it because Avi is a great speaker! I hope Avi can collaborate further with Hillel International in the future so as many students as possible can share this experience!” ~ Anna Portnoy, Undergraduate New York University Co’2024

Avi Melamed. Going into Avi’s Hillel event, I anticipated information on the war and details about the current dynamic in Gaza. However, I ended up leaving with knowledge about the history and current geopolitical state of the entire Middle East and all parties involved. I appreciated hearing all the context surrounding the groups involved in the war and how we ended up in the position we are in now. I have a much better understanding of the conflict and more context to better process news updates and information as they arrive. ~ Sophia Emmanuel, UM Co’ 2025

“The board and staff have been expressing their appreciation for Avi's presentation. They mentioned that it was the best presentation that we have ever had, and they are now more informed and capable of having productive conversations with people who question Israel.” Laura Friedman, Executive Director, Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center, Bridgewater JCC

Dear Avi, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your invaluable contribution to the recent events at our center. Your presence and insights have left an indelible mark on our community. The three events you conducted were nothing short of exceptional, providing us with a profound understanding of Israel and the complex dynamics in the Middle East. Your ability to articulate the nuances of the current situation, especially regarding the war that commenced on October 7th, has enlightened us and inspired a collective desire to delve deeper into these crucial issues. We extend our sincere thanks to Maia as well for her part in making these events happen and for being so helpful and kind. Your passion for educating others shines through, and we are truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. We are all now more motivated than ever to continue our pursuit of knowledge and understanding! ~ Miriam Zirdok, Adult Engagement Director, Michael-Ann Russell JCC

Avi’s presentations on the war directly impacted the conversation at my Thanksgiving dinner and Shabbat Table – I have also sent the recording to friends all over the world, and they are so grateful for the authentic education! ~ Judy Wolf Bolton, Executive Director, Osher Marin, JCC

Each of these initiatives exemplifies ITME's commitment to fostering a non-partisan understanding of the Middle East, empowering individuals through informed perspectives, bridging ideological gaps, and promoting dialogue and understanding among diverse groups.

Building community through an understanding of the intricate dynamics of the Middle East.

As an analyst and the Founder of Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives [ITME], Avi Melamed is dedicated to providing apolitical, non-partisan, professional knowledge about the Middle East. His apolitical and non-partisan approach provides the knowledge, skills, and tools that enable people from across the ideological and political spectrum to engage in inclusive, pragmatic, tolerant, and productive dialogue and discussions.

HIGH SCHOOL INTERACTIVE EDUCATION | Through a structured, guided, and engaging process, the ITME Intelligence Curriculum provides universally applicable skills and tools based on Israeli intelligence analysis techniques, to evaluate the reliability of the information.

In today's digital age, the majority of individuals, especially young people, get their information predominantly from online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. The surge of catchy slogans, emotional stories, and captivating multimedia tailored for Western audiences frequently paints an incomplete, and at times, misleading representation of the real world. This often goes unchallenged, with many blindly accepting it as the absolute truth. Recognizing this alarming trend, ITME introduces an innovative Intelligence Curriculum. This program, inspired by Israeli intelligence analysis methods, equips students with a critical mindset, empowering them to instinctively question and evaluate the credibility of information they encounter. The structured and immersive ITME curriculum ensures students acquire universally relevant skills and tools, ultimately fostering a generation that values accuracy over virality.

ITME offers gap year and undergraduate students a unique, unbiased dive into the contemporary Middle East, focusing on an apolitical and non-partisan educational curriculum. Harnessing intelligence methodologies, we arm students with analytic tools, promoting an objective understanding that transcends Western media biases. We champion a fresh, critical approach to media and political narratives, shaping informed, discerning future leaders. Our flexible, modular programs can be tailored to fit briefings, seminars, or extended academic sessions, with opportunities for direct Middle East immersion through international travel. In essence, ITME cultivates media-literate thinkers equipped to navigate the complexities of global perspectives.


Dedicated to providing an apolitical, non-partisan, intelligence-based perspective on the Middle East, ITME empowers leaders and policymakers to distinguish fact from fiction. Through our programs, participants are trained to think critically, challenge prevailing narratives, and analyze primary sources, ensuring a nuanced understanding of pressing geopolitical matters. ITME's leadership courses are meticulously crafted to ensure that future decision-makers possess a profound comprehension of Israel and its neighboring regions. By equipping them with the analytical prowess to interpret regional occurrences, we ensure they can foresee and adeptly navigate the trajectory of unfolding events, an indispensable skill for crafting impactful policies. In essence, ITME is shaping informed, foresighted leaders for tomorrow's global challenges.


Dedicated to providing an apolitical, non-partisan, intelligence-based perspective on the Middle East, ITME empowers leaders and policymakers to distinguish fact from fiction. Through our programs, participants are trained to think critically, challenge prevailing narratives, and analyze primary sources, ensuring a nuanced understanding of pressing geopolitical matters. ITME's leadership courses are meticulously crafted to ensure that future decision-makers possess a profound comprehension of Israel and its neighboring regions. By equipping them with the analytical prowess to interpret regional occurrences, we ensure they can foresee and adeptly navigate the trajectory of unfolding events, an indispensable skill for crafting impactful policies. In essence, ITME is shaping informed, foresighted leaders for tomorrow's global challenges.


Each of these initiatives exemplifies ITME's commitment to fostering a non-partisan understanding of the Middle East, empowering individuals through informed perspectives, bridging ideological gaps, and promoting dialogue and understanding among diverse groups.

ITME Story & Team

From 2013 - 2018, Avi served as the Salisbury Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs for the Eisenhower Institute. Under his leadership, ITME grew from an undergraduate initiative, to include workshops and seminars from High Schools to Capitol Hill and Jewish communal leadership, directly impacting the outlook, educational path, and career trajectory of more than 200 current and future leaders.

In its sixth year - now an independent 501c3, ITME has the same mission - to provide a non-partisan education on the contemporary Middle East while teaching critical analysis in an innovative and engaging fashion. ITME’s goal is to ensure that the next generation of policy influencers will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to independently and accurately decipher the Middle East and accurately predict the direction of future events.

Avi’s journey began at the left of the graph, with one-on-one or one-to-few interactions as an expert consultant, guide or lecturer for non-profits or tour groups.  His skills were quickly recognized—as an educator, Avi is capable of conveying complex and nuanced ideas in a non-partisan, apolitical manner that diverse groups could incorporate into their everyday jobs and take back to their communities.

Inside The Middle East | Intelligence Perspectives [ITME] began as an undergraduate Intel-Education curriculum in 2012 when Avi was appointed the Fellow of Intelligence and Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute. In 2016, Avi published his 2nd book on the Middle East, “Inside The Middle East | Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth,” further establishing his reputation as an independent expert on the broader Middle East. In 2018, ITME expanded to Capitol Hill, teaching staffers of both parties.

Between 2012 and 2020, Avi focused his educational efforts on high school students, undergraduates, and Capitol Hill legislators. ITME’s “classroom” curriculum (spanning from 20 – 60 hours) followed by an experiential education field seminar to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, had a tremendous impact on the way High School Students in the Bronx, undergraduate students at Gettysburg College, and Capitol Hill Staffers looked at Israel, the Middle East, and the world. Through the ITME praxis, Avi transforms students and practitioners into knowledgeable, media-literate, critical thinkers. To quote Avi’s students and alumni – – ITME doesn’t tell you what to think ITME teaches you HOW to think.

With the goal of equipping current and future leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to accurately decipher the Middle East and empower them to navigate complex reality, in 2018, Avi created his think tank, ‘Inside the Middle East—Intelligence Perspectives’ (or ITME), a non-profit capable of undertaking multi-modal initiatives, from lectures to publishing to webcasts to film.  He engaged as an educator for larger groups, moving to the right on the ‘media megaphone.’ 

Under Avi’s leadership, ITME has evolved from a college course to a global institute offering knowledge and educational experiences tailored to organizations, individuals, students, practitioners, and leaders. We provide a comprehensive range of briefings, tours, courses, lectures, programs, seminars, and workshops both in person and online. Our programs and products (including articles, books, documentaries, and videos) are designed to merge intelligence and media literacy, delivering nuanced, apolitical perspectives to help people better understand the Middle East. We aim to empower diverse audiences through knowledge, believing that by providing them with the skills and tools for constructive dialogue, we can help them navigate the complexities of Israel, the Middle East, and our global landscape.

In 2020, guided by a diverse Board of Directors, ITME made a strategic decision to pivot and focus our educational efforts on the Jewish community. That decision was driven by the fact that Israel was becoming an increasingly divisive issue in the Jewish community and the understanding that we had a distinct praxis that we believed could solidify Israel as a central component of Jewish identity, strengthen the relationship between Israel and American Jews, and anchor Israel as a central component of identity for current and emerging young American Jewish leaders.

ITME achieved an inflection through several initiatives: (1) a one-to-many webcast known as ‘The Briefing Room’, which included expert voices from across the Middle East – just one of ITME’s many initiatives offering voices from the Arab world not present in Western discourse or covered in Western media; (2) an increasingly sophisticated web presence, including The ITME HUB, featuring resources available from across ITME’s ‘product line’; (3) a documentary for streaming, called ‘The Seam Line,’ drawn from Avi’s front-line role in Jerusalem during the first Intifada; (4) publication of a second book, titled “Inside the Middle East—Entering a New Era”; and (5) launch of a nationwide speaking tour, ‘ITME ON THE ROAD | EMPOWER MINDS. BRIDGE DIFFERENCES. STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY, in partnership with the JCC Association of North America and a new partnership with Hillel – ‘EDUCATE. EQUIP. EMPOWER.

Due to this multi-media effort and expanding national partnerships, Avi’s brand exposure exploded. Avi and ITME publish original articles in numerous outlets, including as a regular contributor to USA Today, which has the largest daily newspaper circulation in the US.  He gives live analysis for global media in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, including Al-Arabiya, Al-Hura, AP, ABC, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CBC, the Daily Beast, the Financial Times, Fox, NBC, Newsweek, NPR, Reuters, SkyNews, and others. Avi continues to offer briefings to leading journalists, government officials, and influencers in person and via the web.

The importance of Avi’s capacity to bring clarity, depth, nuance, and accuracy has only been elevated after Hamas’ terror attack of October 7, 2023, and the ensuing war. Avi and ITME present ‘Israel at War’ broadcast briefings. In his comprehensive educator style, Avi goes beyond the ‘headlines’ to unravel complexity, counteract misconceptions, and establish a framework to enable people to determine for themselves the ‘why’ and the ‘what’s next.’

Since October 7th alone, ITME and its Founder and Lead Educator, Avi Melamed, have held hundreds of virtual and in-person briefings in Israel and abroad to scores of organizations reaching tens of thousands of people around the world in over 45 countries and 7 continents. That is in addition to briefing dozens of international journalists on the front lines, over 1,500 interviews and Avi having published and been quoted over 2,000 times in over 2,000 publications in over 50 countries translated in over 15 languages. Today ITME reaches millions worldwide, counteracting the tide of oversimplified narratives and misinformation with articles, videos, media interviews, and briefings for organizations across the globe.


ITME has several projects in the works that will continue to leverage the institutions and audiences that have come to rely on Avi and his capacity to contextualizeinform, and empower.  These include an extended North American speaking tour – ITME-ON-THE-ROAD-360 | BRINGING CLARITY AMIDST CHAOS, Authentic Education. Educate Individuals. Empower Minds. Equip Community. Bridge Differences. Build Unity; the Inside The Middle East | “The Primer,” a one-hour video laying the educational foundation for navigating the geopolitics of the Middle East; online digital tools to educate and empower;  partnerships that amplify Avi’s voice and ITME’s reach, practical and empowering educational tools, expansion of ‘The Briefing Room’ and, as long as necessary, the ‘Israel at War’ webcast, and a new book. Fundamental to all of these plans is Avi’s commitment to direct, personal education.  He is an intelligence analyst at heart—seeking data from original source material, contextualizing such data in light of centuries of Middle Eastern history and contemporary friction points, and deriving and evaluating alternative future paths or scenarios. He is neither a politician nor a protagonist.  He will not speak in convenient sound bites.

Through multi-modal media with substantial audiences, Avi and ITME will empower both future leaders and consumers of popular news with knowledge and tools to engage in constructive, productive, and tolerant dialogue and foster enriching encounters among people from diverse ideological backgrounds.



Chief Education Officer

Avi Melamed’s professional background has 3 major elements – Arab Affairs, education & intelligence. For the past 15 years, he has dedicated his experience and skills to equip people with knowledge, skills, and tools to understand the Middle East. Avi’s philosophy is that in order to understand Israel, you have to understand the Middle East. Over the course of his career, Avi is proud of the fact that he has gained credibility and trust among a wide variety of audiences - conservatives, progressives, Jews, non-Jews, and across the Arab world.


Chief Experience Officer

Maia is a Bespoke Travel Consultant, the Founder of Inside The Middle East Interactive Educational Israel Experiences, and a Special Consultant to the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. Maia earned her B.A. in Islamic and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. Her M.A. in Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures from Columbia University. She graduated with honors from both institutions.

Eli Ovits


Eli Ovits was appointed President of Inside The Middle East Inc (ITME) in 2021. Eli shares the passion and commitment of ITME’s founders: To educate the public, with an emphasis on current and future leaders in the United Stared and around the world on current affairs in the Arab and Muslim World and their impact on the Middle East. Eli has worked in a range of sectors including philanthropy, media / government relations, communications, and strategy.

Didier Bodin

Design & Communication

" Last February 2022, on our New Book Launch & Teaching Tour, we have traversed the United States.
We have had the honor of briefing and educating high school and college students, business, government, and community leaders, media professionals, and communities at large in Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington, DC."

We are profoundly grateful to our visionary Board of Directors and our generous donors
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