EFE article with Avi’s comments about the Abraham Accords anniversary

We’re pleased to share that several media picked up the EFE article with Avi’s comments about the Abraham Accords anniversary.

EFE is the major Spanish-language multimedia news agency and the fourth largest news agency in the world. Its network consists of more than 3,000 journalists in over 181 cities in 120 countries with four publishing houses in Madrid, Miami, El Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, offering its content to readers across five continents. It’s readership across all platforms is over 53 million.

… “No preveo que más países del Golfo se unan formalmente al marco de Abraham en un futuro próximo, aunque se están realizando negocios entre Israel y muchos de estos países. Sobre los países firmantes, creo que la relación seguirá creciendo con énfasis en sectores como inteligencia, tecnologías militar y cibernética, y tecnologías avanzadas para mitigar problemas ambientales y desafíos climáticos”, afirma el exoficial de la inteligencia israelí Avi Melamed…

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Swiss Info is the international section of the Swiss Society of Radio and Television (SRG SSR) covering Switzerland news in 10 different languages. It has 4,400,000 UVM.


Lado is a news website based out of Mexico. It has 133,900 UVM.


Yahoo! Noticias has 4,250,000,000 UVM.

Aurora is one of the largest Spanish printed and on-line magazine for Spanish readers in Israel and is also popular amongst Spanish readers who are interested in Israel around the world. The magazine has an estimated 570,000 online readers each month.

Total News Agency

Politica Puebla


Several media picked up the EFE article with Avi’s comments about the Abraham Accords anniversary.

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