Understanding The Current Escalation | Israel-Gaza War | May 2021

Understanding The Current Escalation | Israel-Gaza War 2021

In this seven-part series, I outlined the events leading up to the escalation between Israel and the Islamist groups in Gaza – namely Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine

Understanding the events leading up to the escalation between Israel and the Islamist groups in Gaza – namely Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine

There are two very important things for decision-makers and public opinion leaders in the West to understand in the context of Israel and Gaza.

The first thing is Hamas, and Islamic Jihad (the two major and military powers in Gaza) are resolutely ideologically and politically committed to an extreme agenda of death and destruction. They do not want a compromise with Israel and will not agree to a compromise with Israel. Therefore, it is necessary to resolutely deter both organizations. This is not about “revenge” or “punishment.” This is the strategy anyone who rejects the path of violence and wants to promote a process of dialogue and compromise must implement. The decisive deterrence of Hamas and Islamic Jihad is not just in Israel’s interest. It is in the Palestinian interest, in the interest of the region’s key Arab states, and in the interest of the international community. Deterring Hamas and Islamic Jihad is in the interest of moderate and pragmatic Jews and Arabs who reject the violence and look for constructive and productive solutions.

The second thing is the fact that Iran supports both Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Iran supports them financially. Iran trains them and provides them with weapons and comprehensive and sophisticated military know-how to produce their own missiles and rockets. For Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are effective and important proxies that serve and further the Iranian regime’s hegemonic vision. Therefore, it is in Iran’s interest to perpetuate and escalate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is steadfast in its efforts to perpetuate the conflict and works tirelessly to ensure the flames of the conflict escalate. As the Iranian regime deepens its grip and influence in the region, the odds (which are very low in any case) of any positive progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict further diminish.

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